Our activity is focused on small-emergencies, which normally are out of the reach of the big actors of the international community.

As clarified through a dialogue between the Organization and several prominent chief administrative Officers of UN Agencies, Intergovernmental Institution, NGOs and the Academia, the international community normally reacts massively to emergencies when their existence is sufficiently advertised through the media and divulgated throughout the public.

Emergencies not so wide as the Tsunami was, are often left aside by the international community, and what is the end of minor or “forgotten” emergencies often represents a problem.
Sometimes they are left to local NGOs which, in emergency situation seem to be not “official” or “institutional” to raise the local Authority’s collaboration.

The need of an intergovernmental entity as the IEMO, focused on emergency prevention and response with a particular view on forgotten or left aside emergencies was therefore very urgent on the global scenario.

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