The International Organization for the Planning of Emergencies (IOPE) has the honor to inform about the launch of the:

International Emergency Prevention Day
April 14


The IOPE works for the prevention of emergencies at the international level, by promoting the dissemination of a “Culture of prevention”, to be disclosed among civil society, through Governments, associations, the school system and NGOs, to mitigate crises and encourage development.
In this regard, the Organization has promoted, for April 14, the anniversary of its foundations, the International Day for the Prevention of Emergencies, to disseminate this message of prevention to actors in civil society.


To participate in the initiative, please download, compile and submit the form for Participating Entities.

Logo usage

Please paste the Logo of the IEPD with the respective link on your website.
The logo could be used for non-profit communications to publicize the Day and to organize events at national level.
Feel free to connect your website (web-link) to the Official website of the IEMO:

or to the IEPD page:

Download the IEPD logo pack

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