The issue of Emergency Prevention is our predominant activity.

Prevention means essentially avoiding the occurrence of emergencies and comprises a series of steps which depend essentially on the characteristics of the scenario involved.
The expression “Emergency Prevention” is especially associated with man-made or complex emergencies.
We developed an Early Warning System, capable to incorporate into a tree-dimensional model a number of factors causing recurrent emergencies displaying their occurrence with an effective capacity of predictability.
This applies especially for man-made (socio-political) emergencies but is normally integrated with natural/environmental parameters (mixed emergencies)
A series of emergency Prevention analysis has Prevention includes the following steps:

  • Socio-political and Economic analysis (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Data Collection (through the IEMO network of allied NGOs and expert/ commissioners)
  • Statistic elaboration (provided with the use of qualified technologies for multi-factor data process)
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