Since the beginning of its operations the International Emergency Management Organization has provided education and permanent tutorship in the field of emergency management:

  • At University Level (Lectures and Research in European and African Universities)
  • At High School Level (addressed to teachers, students and respective families)
  • At School Level (addressed to school teachers with regard to behaviour in case of emergency)
  • At Community Level (associations, civil society coalitions, civil defence departmental units)

Education is an essential part of emergency prevention, especially because of the need of knowing the actual causes of emergencies and the most adequate preventive actions towards them.
A focal point for special emergency related educational activities is being set up in Morocco and Spain, in cooperation with local authorities and prominent groups of schools.

Since 1997 the increasing number of Seminars at University of Milan, Rome and Brussels led to an increasing number of research thesis on the field of emergency prevention and management.

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