The International Emergency Management Organization has been established 14 April 2006,

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in the context of the international efforts subsequent to the Tsunami catastrophe (2004/2005)
we came into full operation as Intergovernmental Organization, composed by a governing Council and a Secretariat.

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We work for natural and man-made emergency prevention, preparedness, mitigation and recovery.
Our focus is on prevention and under-assisted (neglected) emergencies.
In respect of natural emergencies our focus is on building resilience and preparedness as well as care of unassisted emergencies.

Emergency Prevention

The Integrated Emergency Prevention System (IEPS) is our statistical algorithm, suitable to multi-factor risk assessment.
It is one of the first international systems to match together: natural man-made and complex risk evaluation.
It can be connected with any other Early Warning System.

Divulgation of Emergency Awareness

We organize the International Emergency Prevention Day (IEPD) each year (14 April, anniversary of its establishment Convention) as well as its specialized International Conference on Emergency Prevention, to gather sector experts on this very key issue.
Nowadays we are the only international organization particularly focused on complex Emergency Prevention, in a scenario where natural disasters and humanitarian emergencies are normally dealt separately.
Prevention is essential, and represents the only way to reduce increasing complex disasters and catastrophes

Emergency Assistance

Our focus is on under-assisted and left-aside emergencies, so to avoid duplication with other international actors and to avoid initial emergencies developing into large catastrophes.
In this respect it has established its own International Emergency Response Mission (IERM) an emergency management team specialized in the recovery of minor or under-assisted emergencies.

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