The IEMO-CISRI International Anti-Famine Strategy (IAFS)

The IEMO CISRI International Anti Famine Strategy IAFS is an innovative campaign deemed to mitigate the next devastating famines and droughts at regional and sub-regional areas especially in Africa, Latin America and Asia.
According to FAO and UNICEF data we are facing the biggest incoming food crisis of this century since we are losing a great amount of agricultural produce every year, due to:
  1. Exponential growth of energy costs, also for agricultural traction and processing
  2. Unexpected increased growth of fertilizer and pesticide costs at global level
  3. Decrease of rainfall in Least Developed Countries, due to climate change
The current Horn of Africa famine, affecting especially Somalia and the next incumbent Sub-Saharan droughts a d dryness are leading to higher exposure to further food crisis and malnutrition, in first instance due to lack of local produce, secondly to the reduction of imported crops at an affordable price.
It will cause, according to IEMO projections the premature death of 200 millions people in the next four years, as victims of this massive agricultural retrocession.
This imminent and inhuman scenario can be stopped or at least strongly mitigated through the yield of hyper productive crops, in addition to conventional agricultural produce, which is the basic concept of the IEMO-CISRI International Ante Famine Strategy (IAFS)
The Strategy is based in fact on the use of the following hyper-productive crops:
  1. Moringa Vitals (150 tons /per hectare/ per year)
  2. Spirulina Platensis (50 tons /per hectare/per year)
  3. Psophocarpus Tetragonobolus) (40 t/hectare/year)
  4. various hyper productive crops as Chlorella, Lupins, Oversize Pumpkins
  5. innovative water saving and purification techniques.
Just to compare with Rice the most diffused cultivar in the world, it has an average produce of 5 tons /per hectare /per year
We are facing a tremendous crisis and needing substantial response.
Our response is called ICFAM (International Centre Against Malnutrition)
Initially conceived as International Centre for Food Microalgae Against Malnutrition by the UN Convention for the Use of Food Microalgae of 31 May 2001, registered at no. 37543 of the United National Treaty Series (UNTS).
The ICFAM has now turned into a larger and more comprehensive and articulated scenario of Center for mass production not only for food microalgae but of various sorts of highest productive and nutritional crops.
With 5 ICAFM Centres in Africa, 2 in Asia, 2 in Latin America and 1 in Europe we can reach at the size of 10.000 hectares for every Center, the amazing cumulative average quantity of 10000000 tons /per hectare/per year of hyper productive crops, deemed to be gathered and distributed to the unserved poor by Governments, NGOs, Civil Society organization and volunteers worldwide with a remarkable life-saving effect and impulse and divulgate the use of these cultivations at global level.
This initiative can build resilience and famine reduction anticipating next world hunger and save million lives a year
Please join IEMO and CISRI in this Worldwide effort as donor, partner or volunteer by contacting the IEMO Secretariat at
Thank you all.
IEMO President
CISRI / ICFAM Secretary General