According to the IEMO Statutes, the Membership is subdivided in three Classes:

  1. Effective Member
    The ones having acceded the IEMO Organization by Adhesion
  2. Associate Member
    The ones having agreed by Formal Notification (see: Type F) or by Consensus (see Type: C) the Right of Membership to the IEMO Organization and therefore are entitled to receive the IEMO Services and a standing invitation to participate to the IEMO Council and Conference in quality of Observers
  3. Affiliate Member
    Have to be considered States possessing at least one Governmental Body having expressed by Formal Notification of having agreed by Consensus such membership privilege or relevant National or International Organizations working in Emergency Management related field and notified of such right by written communication.


These classes rely upon different forms of adhesion:

  1. A indicates signatory Members by written Adhesion.
    They are Effective Voting Members of IEMO
  2. F indicates that a Formal notification from a competent State Body has formally agreed on the IEMO Membership.
    They are effective Associate or Affiliate Members with status of Observer in the IEMO Council
  3. C indicated Members considered as Honorary, since their acceptance was granted by the IEMO Organization and agreed by Consensus.
    They are considered as always formally invited to attend the IEMO Council and Conference Sessions in quality of observers, pending their Formal notification (F) or Adhesion (A) and provided (for free) with the relevant IEMO services.

The IEMO is presently encouraging all its Members for the rapid upgrading from status of Members by Right the status of Effective Members.
The Status of Member of Class C indicates, in fact, that a formal written communication, has been sent by registered post (with protocol indicated in the respective relevant field) by the IEMO Directional Secretariat to the pertinent national Governmental Authority competent on Emergency prevention issues, in order to notify that, according to the IEMO Statutes, a Right of Membership has arisen from provision of Article 7 of the IEMO Statutes (Treaty), in Additional Protocol to the Establishment Convention of IEMO, which so provide:

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