As displayed in the synopsis of Activity, we actively works both at the early stages as international Committee and also in present actual stage, to promote awareness in respect of the fundamental concepts of Emergency Prevention, Preparedness, Mitigation, Response and Post Emergency rehabilitation.

We believe that there is no possibility of avoiding emergencies without awareness on their causes and effects and the Activity of Awareness is therefore divulgated through meetings and events held by the Organization with a numerous series of institutional actors:

  • Cabinet Level
    (Members of Cabinet and Parliament of Vulnerable Countries)
  • International Organization Level
    (Secretariats of emergency related intergovernmental entities)
  • Ministry level
    (Ministries of Home and Foreign Affairs, Ministries of Infrastructure and Health)
  • Official Representation level
    (Embassies, Consulates-General, Diplomatic Missions abroad)
  • Non Governmental level
    (Research Panels and Boards of associated NGO’s)
  • Civil Society Level
    (Community leaders, Local Authorities, Civil Society Organizations)

The Awareness campaign of the Organization brought, inter alia, to the formation of spread consensus on the role of Emergency Prevention, to be recognized as essential part of the emergency management process, so integrating the previous concept of rescue (ex-post) – exclusively focused on providing essentially the means of survival after the occurrence of a disaster – with a new parameters for reinforcing the structural capability of a vulnerable system in order to avoid the actual appearance of a given emergency in a complex scenario.

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